Stone Circle

Our Stone Circle monument was researched, designed and built by Charles Pettis according to an ancient design system in use until about 1400AD. This design system was the basis for the design of cathedrals, pyramids, stone circles, ancient megalithic monuments and other sacred architectural structures found all over the word. Sacred monuments have existed throughout history to edify the cosmological and spiritual principles of the society. Their primary uses have been to serve as places of meditation, contemplation, worship, ceremony and social activity. Design elements included are:  Cosmology, philosophy, symbolism, the relationship between the tall standing stone and the recumbent stone beside it.

Cooperation with nature:

This monument was built and should be experienced in a receptive, positive and cooperative attitude towards all forms of consciousness, including the mineral, plant, animal and devic kingdoms.


Built in foot units equal to 12.13440 inches. One hundred of these “Earth” feet equal one second of the Earth’s polar circumference.


The science of form and proportion based on 3 1/2-12-12 1/2 . The ellipse perimeter is 77 “Earth” feet. The number seven being spiritual wholeness.


The axes of the ellipses are oriented true N-S and E-W. The inset stone outside the ellipse on the bank, as sighted over the tall standing stone, marks the summer solstice sunrise.

Ley Lines, Water Lines, Geomancy:

Ley lines mark a cosmic, yang field traveling in a straight line over the surface of the earth.

Open To The PublicThe Stone Circle is open to the public. Please come spend some time within the Circle and experience the peace of the standing stones.

Summer solstices are celebrated at the Stone Circle where the “Mother Stone” in the center is perfectly aligned with the sun as it rises over the eastern horizon.