Journey to Mudryi by Ira Kamp

People need rest. Angels don’t.

I was pondering how much I use my senses to evaluate my world. How I use smell, taste, touch, hearing and sight to say what works and what does not work.  When I look at my bank account, when I think about my relationships, when I look at my body, my five senses, including my memories that have been generated by my senses, are giving me feedback. There’s some good stuff and not so good stuff.  And I am motivated to increase the good stuff and delete the bad stuff.

When I think of all the work we do, I think of how much work it takes to maintain our lives.  We work to provide food, shelter, and security for our family; to support our community, and of course for our entertainment.

How much of this work is done to satisfy our five senses?  And how much do we use our five sense perceptions to evaluate how we are doing?  Probably most of the time.

Our five sense perceptions feed into our brain and mind, influencing how we think, feel and behave.  Considering much of our culture requires medications, alcohol, and drugs to keep the five senses satisfied, it seems as if we’re just here to experience happiness, feel good, look good and encounter as little conflict as possible.  Actually, for those of us who are working hard to keep up with our needs, this sounds good. And it works until we become overloaded with the things we feel we need to maintain our lives and life style.

Looking closer, there may be a vicious cycle working here.


       working hard

                                pain avoidance

This cycle likely starts with a need.  The desire to satisfy our need inspires us to work.  Working hard depletes us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually until we are under duress.  This duress leads to pain and disease mentally, emotionally and physically and generates more need. And the cycle repeats. This vicious cycle is so present and all-consuming that we forget we can be free of this cycle. What our five senses provide is the cycle of need.  Is this enough in our world to provide us with lives that we love and that evolve into expanding awareness? Do we need any more stimulation to create fulfillment?  It sure does feel that our culture not only puts this demand on each individual, but also needs us to be all in for survival, for enjoyment, for happiness

It has been sung that “Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.” (Kris Kristofferson).  But maybe we do not have to lose everything to be free. Freedom may be just a moment away at any moment. And that moment can be generated by another sense.

Through my experiences and writing Journey To Mudryi,  I discovered this momentary awareness as an access to my freedom from the vicious cycle .  And the freedom can bring me to my Soul.  In my experience, my Soul is constantly asking for connection to my consciousness, and my Soul is the source of my communion with Angels.  They speak the same language: the language of tolerance, compassion and awareness.  Angels speak with love, guidance, and perspectives not seen or heard by our normal consciousness. The following is a recent experience that I had with Soul and Angels.

One of the dental residents approached me with a concern: her patient was so anxious that she would not allow the resident to treat her painful tooth. When I first saw the patient, I could see she was struggling to be cooperative. She could not be still. She was seventeen years old, and even at a young age, she had a long history of traumatic dental experiences. For example, in the past, she would not be numb enough for a procedure and would suffer through it in pain. I sat quietly with her and held her hand. I was guided to ask her about music and her freedom to choose to be treated or not. She responded that she wanted to have the treatment done. She loved country music but thought we probably didn’t have it. Well, I did find some country music on my iPhone and found headphones. I guided the resident on how to effectively apply local anesthesia to the affected tooth. I returned ten minutes later to find the patient was lying very still in the chair, enjoying the music while receiving root canal treatment.

What I have learned through my spiritual training is to be aware that when something is not working, discover what is missing that would make a difference, and create that.

And what I have discovered is that what is missing in my life in times of stress and being overwhelmed with the work is a sixth sense.  You may ask why add something else.  Why not take something out, like our thinking and feeling through the use of alcohol and drugs?   Well remember, the use of these aids could be part of our vicious cycle.  

Sometimes adding something, like a little fertilizer to our garden, will bring vitality to our plants.  Our sixth sense can bring inspired life to our lives.  My consciousness requires rest, my intuition is constantly present, connecting me whether though dreams when I am asleep or in meditation, when I am awake.  Like my intuition, the angels never rest, sometimes shouting and screaming at me, sometimes whispering guidance and wisdom into my consciousness.