Burning Bowl Ceremony

Our annual Burning Bowl Ceremony takes place every New Year’s eve from 5 to 7 pm.  It is a ceremony about endings and beginnings.

What do you want to let go of from your life? In the first part of the ceremony we explore ways to let go of those habits and attributes that don’t serve our lives anymore.  We write them down on a piece of paper that we will burn at the end of the ceremony.

Now, what do you want for your life? In this part of the ceremony we explore our aspirations and goals.  You will write a letter to yourself that the Foundation of Light will mail to you six months later.

One of last year’s participants reported that it felt really good to physically let things go by writing them down and burning the piece of paper. “It helped me start the new year from the ground floor. Six months later when I got the letter I had written to myself, it was a surprise–and then some satisfaction as I realized I’d actually accomplished some of the things in the letter. It was an affirmation.”

Join us on December 31st at this time of beginnings and endings.