Winter Solstice Dec. 21st

Connect with the Ancient Wisdom within on December 21st from 7:30 to 9:30 pm.

The dark phase of the year is a precious and sacred time. Under the cover of darkness, paths cross as one year falls away and a new one gestates out of sight.

It is a time to rest, nourish, and connect with the fullness of your inner life. You are invited to come and sit within the circle and refuel as you prepare for new growth in 2017.

Donations of $10 – $20 welcome.

Presented by Jana Hexter.  For more information, call her at 607-592-1941 or email

Jana Hexter guides people who are at the leading edge of our global transition in consciousness and also people who are at a crossroads in life. She is a voice for all people being powerfully and freely expressed in a world in which all life is honored as sacred.

Jana has a strong business background and is a graduate of Cornell University. She has trained for many years with Jalaja Bonheim, Founder of the Institute for Circlework. In her first career she was a nationally renowned grant writer who raised over $40 million for non-profits and wrote an acclaimed book on the subject. She grew up in England, lived in Denmark, Poland, and Norway, and is now the mother of two beautiful young adults in America.