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We are an interfaith spiritual center for meditation, healing, study and self-expression. Our programs include the study and practice of meditation and spiritual healing; an investigation into different levels of awareness or consciousness; the influence of natural foods and herbs in promoting health; the impact of thought and visualization in bringing about spiritual growth; the development of individual creativity; the advancement of world peace and unity; and promoting living on the earth in ecological balance.

Some of what you’ll find at FOL:

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About Growler Online Healing Therapies

Growler healing therapies are designed to reset the energetic course of the body.  This healing therapy was designed by two of the Foundation of Light founders; Kate and John Payne.  Growler healing technologies combines electronic healing frequency with dowsing and is designed to transmit it’s own healing vibration.  The sound that you hear is similar to static on the radio.  Please enjoy these online healing therapies and send feedback to melissahoffman39@gmail.com

Coming up at the Foundation of Light

Level One Shambala Reiki with Susan Dixon
February 23, 24; 10:00 – 2:00 p.m.
Class size: Five maximum
Cost: $240

This class introduces students to energy healing, to the practice of Reiki, and to the tradition of Shambala. Discussion will include the importance of intention, intuition, and professional ethics. Students will learn how to conduct a Reiki session on themselves and others and will have the opportunity to practice techniques. Upon completion, students will receive a Level One initiation.

Twelve Chakras: Art, Poetry, and Story with Susan Dixon
March 3; 10:00 – 1:00
Class size: small
Cost: $325

This class introduces students to a system of 12 chakras using meditation, journaling, and discussion. Students will learn what the chakras govern, how to detect weaknesses, and how to use their knowledge to achieve a more balanced energetic system. Note: this class counts as a prerequisite for a class to be offered in the fall with Daniel Kaiya Fuson of Wildflowerfire. Because that class will offer a Reiki Master initiation, those without any Reiki training that take this class can receive a Level One initiation for an additional 1 1/2 hour class, $75.

Susan Dixon is a Reiki Master and Teacher. She is trained in Shamballa Reiki and a twelve-chakra system that she uses to harmonize the energies of the body. Her method balances the body and strengthens weaknesses. She focuses on empowerment and wisdom. She practices in Ithaca, NY, in a lovely studio with historic murals that depict the landscape of the Finger Lakes.

Our History:


This was Hibbard’s Corners one-room Greek Revival schoolhouse built about 1840.  It continued to serve Ellis Hollow residents in that capacity until 1936 when it was released from the public school system.

During that period it had the privilege of sending forth the first United States Rhodes scholar from this country, Warren Ellis Schutt, who completed the 8th grade there about 1889.  The walnut tree standing across the driveway by Turkey Hill Road was planted by his teacher to commemorate this event.

More recently the building served as the Ellis Hollow Community Center from 1952 to 1968.  During this time it served the community as a meeting place, a recreational center, a nursery school, and with the grounds surrounding it, as an athletic field.  It was also the site of the original annual Ellis Hollow Country Fair.

After the building of the new Ellis Hollow Community Center on Genung Road, Mrs. Mabel Demotte Beggs, who received ownership of the property from her late husband Earl Demotte, sought a new kind of community service for the schoolhouse and decided to offer it to The Foundation of Light.

The Foundation restored the building, taking great care to preserve the feeling of the schoolhouse itself and in a new addition, which together provided a home for the Foundation of Light until our present building was erected in 1999.