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Deepening in the Dance, and Sufi Sema

Join us for our first Sufi Sema, Soup & Dance Deepening. 5:30-6:30 Singing, chants, zikr, poetry and reading in the Sema tradition 6:30-7:00 Soup and simple potluck (thanks Eileen/Gabrielle for providing soup!) 7:00-8:30 Dance Deepening: Meditative walks and dances as body prayer, together […]


Dancing In The Heart Of The Mother

This Saturday, Dances of Universal Peace: **Dancing in the Heart of the Mother Divine** Join us in May as we circle together and dance with a focus on the Divine Feminine, goddess, mama earth…great birther. Her spiritually nurturing and sustaining energy continues to […]


Laughter Yoga & Dances of Universal Peace

In this workshop we will merge the embodied joy, emotional intelligence, and silly connection created in laughter yoga with community-building, love, and transformation created in the Dances of Universal Peace. Join us for a profound unfolding of personal and communal body, mind, and […]